Throw your MAMA

This week, Nicolás Maduro was hit in the head by a mango with a phone number written on it, who would imagine that the women that threw the fruit, actually got from the Venezuelan president a new house to live in!

Not all objects, thrown at politicians were received with such “good” intention… Most of the stuff hitting a politician is a form of protest, and obviously people get in real trouble for a mere egg, shoe, flour or any other random stuff…

Back in 2008, during his visit to Iraq, George W. Bush was almost hit by, not one, but two shoes during a press conference. More than a statement, Muntazer al-Zaidi represented an entire nation in two shoes! This event was a big hit for the shoe throw trend, now called shoeing. Shoeing has happened across the world, targeting different politicians- also called “victims”- and there are no signs for this trend to be over.


As a presidential candidate in France’s 2012 election, Francois Hollande was hit with a bag of flour, the stage got white immediately, he didn’t seem very surprised at all… I think it was just one of those moments; hold your breath, better days are yet to come. The video tells more than any words:

I wouldn’t mind to dedicate an entire post to egged politicians, but will try to fit in here the best shots found in the net:


miliband egg8



Very British to protest by egging, certainty, if I was crazy enough to throw something at someone, guess what would it be… starts with a G…


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