The art of assuming (new) habits

The art of assuming (new) habits.. to me it means… the story that I tell myself about experiences I had, eventually, shape who I am. My identity is built, according to my choices, internal stories and genes! Genes are here- but behavior provides evidence to whom I am.

Every time I chose to do what I propose, I cast a new vote for becoming what I want to be! For example, an athlete will not be a athlete unless they live and practice that lifestyle, and then, from a very fine line of “I am working hard TO BE…an athlete or, artist or, musician or….. to crossing the line and assuming…. I AM!!” it happens! A vegetarian, will not be a vegetarian, unless it chooses to be for every meal, and so on.
I cast a vote for building my identity based on the choices I make. Everyone’s identity is fluid, elastic, flexible… that brings us to my next point;

How to choose a new habit, or go back to that passion: We are nature- we are seasons. Someone may not be in a parenting season, maybe in a personal care season, or professional season.. nothing is eternal.. it is just for a moment, and that helps to think on next habit to choose according to the season one is in.

Also, to carve space for that to happen… mornings are better than evenings? Sit around and think where to insert this new habit in life. Physically thinking… maybe to start a new practice, an old unhealthy practice needs to disappear. For example; context of living room- fight that habit of remote control, just because it is on the living room. Pick a new place to build a new habit. Maybe passing by a coffee shop to write that journal, instead of the tempting living room.

Compromise with other people, use their hate towards you if you don’t meet with your promises. Yeah, that’s right my friends, please get disappointed with me, if I don’t meet you up to that group exercise, or music rehearsal… because compromising multiple agendas- it just increases chances of mutual accomplishment!

Once small and easy start is established, then, expand and upgrade.

Social reinforcement- social pressure at its best form! Connect with people you are surrounded by to push, motivate towards positive outcome. Be part of a creative tribe! Open up manifestations to family. For instance- if everyone is recycling around the neighborhood, then my behavior is more likely to do the same. Engage members to join.
How to involve: praise the good, rewards towards good! So, your partner did do the dishes- yes, that’s a good behavior- express it! “well done, thanks it’s so helpful, hugs xoxox” . Didn’t do the dishes… then, just don’t mention anything, they will feel for themselves.

Hmmm also, to keep in mind that someone’s habit may not be fit for all- mindfulness meditation may be good for everyone but those who actually needs it…respecting nature’s seasons…

It is easy to understand if one is in the right path…the outcome feels rewarding.

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