Learning Organization


Are you part of the learning organization process? At what extend? First of all, some credits to the concept goes to Peter M. Senge that first published The Fifth Discipline in the 90’s. The result was a transformation in business vision, where employees are made up skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge. This article […]

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One drop please


In December 2014 São Paulo state, the richest and responsible for for aprox 34% of Brazil’s GDP lacked of water for some people, the basic right to satisfy human needs. The lowest record of precipitation was the main cause for such drought. A couple of months later, in February 2015 São Paulo had a record […]

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Oops I won’t do it again


That ooops moment, seconds later, that feeling… Gaffe, all time media’s fave! When committed by a politician it is perceived much better…… Argentina’’s president, Cristina Kirchner not long ago poked fun at the Chinese accent in her twitter. Describing how the Chinese often pronounce ‘r’s sounding like ‘l’s. Seconds later she apologized with another twitte, […]

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