Give out garlic for every sick leave

While in charge of HR affairs, data on the monthly reports showing substantially an increase on sick leaves compared with previous years for the same period made me garlicying in space.

My alertness to my colleagues health increased, also the observation on commitment in which the company has to offer to maintain staff healthy.

Discipline and commitment to good health goes both ways… The employee may not be walking all the time in the right healthy track… and the company providing the right ingredients to low engagement to healthier lifestyle choices due to stress at work.

Well, take a look around and compare it to the points below…Maybe it resonates to your company…

  • Vending machines selling the wrong foods
  • Excessive overtime
  • Lunch by the desk; or working lunches
  • Not much flexibility on employee scheduling and time off
  • Company encouraging 24/7 connectedness… e-mails and phone calls after work and during the weekends

If the employee is experiencing high levels of stress probable this employee will not sleep well, will have  lack of exercise, poor nutrition, weight gain, a negative effect on relationships and get emotionally unbalanced…Contributing to poor performance at work, low engagement and productivity.

I have gone through a stressful period at work, and I can confirm all the symptoms above- together- in one shot. The way out is the value of self-care, mindfulness and healthier habits.

As for the company, taking small steps to achieve ideal results, and communication between HR and employees to understand inspirational behaviors that creates vitality at work is the way in!

Meanwhile, I have to admit being the author of a “to everyone” e-mail with the subject “cake in the kitchen!”.
Well… a sugar-free cake… small steeps, better habits.


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