Walking Bomb


In Trump’s game of tricks, where he likes to heavy bet with a poor hand of cards, as it was the case when he accused Barak Obana of wiretapping him at Trumps Tower – causing a lot of noise without any concrete proof…puff….After attacking a military base of Dictator Bashar Assad in Syria, it was […]

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Safety first!


North Korea announced that it had successfully test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile. Obviously,  North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the most important person in North Korea would be risking his life to provide the world with a series of photographs of the launch… Kim who personally oversaw the test, defined such success as “world-level strategic weapon”, according to the […]

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Throw your MAMA


This week, Nicolás Maduro was hit in the head by a mango with a phone number written on it, who would imagine that the women that threw the fruit, actually got from the Venezuelan president a new house to live in! Not all objects, thrown at politicians were received with such “good” intention… Most of […]

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One drop please


In December 2014 São Paulo state, the richest and responsible for for aprox 34% of Brazil’s GDP lacked of water for some people, the basic right to satisfy human needs. The lowest record of precipitation was the main cause for such drought. A couple of months later, in February 2015 São Paulo had a record […]

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Oops I won’t do it again


That ooops moment, seconds later, that feeling… Gaffe, all time media’s fave! When committed by a politician it is perceived much better…… Argentina’’s president, Cristina Kirchner not long ago poked fun at the Chinese accent in her twitter. Describing how the Chinese often pronounce ‘r’s sounding like ‘l’s. Seconds later she apologized with another twitte, […]

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