Give out garlic for every sick leave


While in charge of HR affairs, data on the monthly reports showing substantially an increase on sick leaves compared with previous years for the same period made me garlicying in space. My alertness to my colleagues health increased, also the observation on commitment in which the company has to offer to maintain staff healthy. Discipline […]

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Global citizenship and business etiquette


My experience in a wide array of cultures gave me the awareness that business travelers encounter more challenges rather than delays in airport security checks, weather conditions, internet connections, and saying goodbye partially, or permanently to their luggage…cultural sensitivity challenges are on the top the list. The usual greeting may become a nightmare when dealing […]

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Bringing garlic to the work place


As a first post for the year of 2016, a wish for this new year: better principles at work. Following 2015 recent corporate scandals, such as the Volkswagen scandal, Tesco wrongdoing, global banks involved in fraudulent actions… it is clear the need for managers and leaders to behave more ethically in the world and to foster […]

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Solvency II Regulation


The Solvency II Regulation defines a European Union (EU) Directive that categorizes and coordinates regulations that precede over EU insurance policies. In a nutshell, the regulation deals with the magnitude of capital that insurance companies (positioned with the EU jurisdiction) should hold to reduce the level of insolvency risk. Regardless of the numerous incidences where […]

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Learning Organization


Are you part of the learning organization process? At what extend? First of all, some credits to the concept goes to Peter M. Senge that first published The Fifth Discipline in the 90’s. The result was a transformation in business vision, where employees are made up skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge. This article […]

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